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FTK as the sole partner of AVENTICS (previous Bosch Rexroth Pneumatics section) offers a wide range of solutions in the field of marine applications.

AVENTICS pioneered the concept of pneumatic marine propulsion controls in the early 1940's to provide faster, more responsive and more accurate control of the direct reversing diesel engines that were so predominant at that time. Since AVENTICS’ innovative beginning, They have developed unequalled experience in the application of engine and gear controls for a broad spectrum of commercial, military and private craft of all descriptions.

Their pneumatic systems and components include pressure and directional control valves, control panels, logic valves and systems, actuators, cylinders, shuttle valves, check valves, FRL's, and various other devices. These controls are typically used for bridge, engine room, and remote station control, and for the various interlocking and station transfer requirements between these stations. They can be used for throttle and reverse gear controls for the primary propulsion engines or bow thrusters on work boats, push boats, tugs, pleasure boats, yachts, patrol boats, ferries, or ships. They can also be used for control of loading cranes, winches, doors and various other on-board equipment that might utilize pneumatic control.

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