System Start-Up

Whether it's a new Hydraulic power unit purchased from FTK, an integrated cartridge valve manifold, a valve block, or any other type of system, we are available to assist you with system start up. With new installations, diagnostics are most effective when Certified Fluid Power Specialists are on hand to help diagnose any possible issues and make the startup of a new system as smooth as possible.

Call on the startup expertise from FTK to decrease your downtime, stress, and system start-up costs. Make sure your equipment is operating at its fully designed capacity.

Farayand Tajhiz Khavar
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Head Office:

Unit 605- 6th Floor- No.74 – Paydar Bldg- East Sarv St- Kaj Sq- Saadatabad- Tehran- 1997998473 IRAN


+98 21 22353426