AVENTICS is a globally active manufacturer of pneumatic components and systems. The company is also a specialist supplier of drive and control solutions for the marine industry and commercial vehicles, as well as inverted tooth chains for production processes. Since the start of 2014, the former subsidiary of Bosch Rexroth has been operating as a standalone company under the name of AVENTICS. The company employs approximately 2,100 staff worldwide. AVENTICS is a worldwide leader in pneumatic solutions including pneumatic and electro-pneumatic valves and positioners, pneumatic fieldbus manifold systems, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic actuators and control systems, air preparation, industrial shock absorbers, pneumatic fittings and tubing, vacuum generators, suction cups and non-contact transport units. FTK is proud to be the only distributor of Aventics - Bosch Rexroth pneumatics in Iran. AVENTICS offers its customers tailored, cross industry system solutions and services based on decades of applied expertise.
Industrial Automation
Industrial automation solutions for gripping, rotating, drive, and control applications: AVENTICS is characterized by reliable components, compact designs, and low-maintenance technology that result in short process times, high energy efficiency, and maximum economy. With “air management”, we have successfully established a process for this on the market.
Food & Beverage
AVENTICS offers industry concepts for all applications – food processing and primary packaging (food zone), secondary packaging (splash zone), and final packaging (non-food zone) – that comply with even the strictest laws, regulations, and standards.
Railway Technology
Robust, reliable, durable equipment, size constraints, temperature ranges, energy efficiency: these are a few of the hurdles which solutions from AVENTICS will help you successfully overcome. From braking to actuators, airflow, and control, all your specifications become AVENTICS solutions!
Life Sciences
For the global health care industry, AVENTICS offers solutions for low-pressure applications with a high degree of electrical and functional integration. Their dedicated engineering team has unique application expertise in this field.
Commercial Vehicles
Customer-specific pneumatic valves and cylinders for commercial vehicles, high-quality components for engines, turbochargers, and clutch controls – AVENTICS product range off offers all this and more.
AVENTICS pneumatic valves for mobile and stationary applications in the oil and gas industry are valued for their durability, reliability, and precision, e.g. for vehicle transmissions and cranes.
Marine technology expertise
AVENTICS components and systems for pneumatic and electronic ship propulsion control are tailored to customer requirements and very reliable. Marex ship controls include solutions and products such as remote controls, ship alarm systems, monitoring systems, and joysticks.