Hydraulik Nord Fluidtechnik
Since its foundation in 1964, Hydraulik Nord Fluidtechnik has been concerned with the development and production of hydraulic elements. Starting with hydraulic controls and valves, the product programme developed to create the key products: hydraulic steering aggregates, gerotor motors as well as pressure valves, stop valves and power valves. As the product programme increased in size, so did the production area - to over 23,000 m². Today, Hydraulik Nord Fluidtechnik products and services supply prestigious companies, both in Germany and overseas. The product line consists of components for hydraulic systems (rotor for rotary vane pump and internal gear pump) from automobile applications (cylinder and injector bodies for common rail pumps) to complex hydraulic systems (hydrostatic steering aggregates).
FTK offers all of the Hydraulik Nord Fluidtechnik components.
Steering Units
LAG steering units are used in the hydraulic steering circuits of motor vehicles and mobile machines with high axle loads and driving speeds of up to 50 km/h (60 km/h in Germany).
Priority valves
Priority valves are used in hydrostatic steering units where additional consuming units are combined. The steering is supplied primarily with the necessary oil flow so that the remaining oil flow can be transported to other functions.
Steering Columns
Steering columns find use as a connecting element between steering wheel and steering unit LAG.