KTR Corporation is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of KTR Systems, GmbH with over 40 subsidiary companies in 21 countries. Our extensive product line began over 50 years ago with the BoWex curved tooth gear coupling and the ROTEX torsionally flexible jaw coupling.
Manufacturing is performed on state-of-the-art CNC machinery to ensure the highest grade components. KTR manufactures to AGMA and DIN standards to meet the exacting demands of a global marketplace.
KTR Corporation is recognized as a highly competent power transmission partner. Their objective is to manufacture products of the highest quality, provide superior service, product availability and expert technical assistance at the lowest possible cost to our customers.
As a Premier KTR Systems Distributor FTK offers the full KTR product range.
KTR manufactures millions of standard products and develops 20,000 customized products and components to client specifications. All products serve as proof that well-engineered, high-grade components result in improved characteristics for entire systems. Put us to the test. After all, that is what we do with our products.
Power transmission technology
KTR keeps things moving in power transmission technology. As the world’s leading provider in this sector, we are constantly providing vital impetus and setting technical standards.
Brake systems
Anything which moves must also be able to brake. KTR is one of only a handful of manufacturers worldwide to be able to offer two different braking systems: the hydraulic KTR-STOP® and the electromechanical EMB-STOP.
Hydraulic components
Building up real pressure: KTR hydraulic components are impressive on account of their precise design, high-grade craftsmanship, readily available and favorable price.
Cooling systems
Is your system too hot to perform? You can rest assured that heat-induced breakdowns will no longer be a problem with KTR’s efficient, high-performance cooling systems which reliably perform in an array of areas of use.